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Second Unit- California
Director-Robert Tinnell
Director of Photography: Roxanne di Santo
1st Assistant Camera: Dave Bergeson
Second Unit- Hawaii
Surf Cinemaphotography: Dan Merkel
Additional Photography: Albert Benson
Surf Co-ordinator: Antonyia Verna
Makeup Effects: Jon McCallum
Sound Recordist: Robert Janiger
Boom Operator: Dennis Bateman
Gaffer: Dave Bergeson
Key Grip: Dave Harris

Script Supervisor: Donna Besse
Makeup: Antonyia Verna
Wardrobe: Sherry Dreizen
Location Co-ordinator: Al Coltstein
Location Manager: Antonyia Verna
Stunt Co-ordinator: Frank di Santo
Casting: Sahara Productions, Mahmud Abudaber,
Donna Besse
Additional Casting: Nancy Mott
1st Assistant Editor: Dan McCann
2nd Assistant Editor: Corina Zuniga
Art Department: Jan-Ove Hogman, Anders Olausson
Senior Production Assistant: Dan McCann
Production Assistants: Kelli Chapman, Steve Epstein,
Mike Smith
Catering: On Location Catering
Craft Services and Camper: Betty Davidson
Surfboards Custom Painted by: Jan-Ove Hogman,
Anders Olausson
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The Nazi Youth:
Didi: Jodie Shapiro
Purse Snatcher: Josh M.
Nazi Youths: Justin Dalton, Jeremy Mullen,
Jessica Mullen, Mik Yoder, Eric de Young
Sly: Kenneth Sherr
Coroner: John Hall
Smeg's Girl in White: Laura Gregory
Smeg's Girl in Pink: Dianne Copeland
Benny: John Bick
Boat Fisherman: Peter George
Elder Fisherman: Mel Sparks
Dead Fisherman: Gary Levinson
Woman Who has Purse Snatched: Carrie Joseph
Hippie Surfer: Jan-Ove Hogman
Jake: Robert Tinnell
Rabbit: Anders Olausson
Guy Who has Surfboard Stolen: Andrew Sands
His Friend: Dave Bergeson
Stunt Doubles- California
Chris Andrade, Brandi Bigler, Richard Hill
Stunt Doubles- Hawaii
Mark Foo, Christopher Gardner, Tony Higa,
Don Johnston, Jeffrey Johnston, Dennis Pang,
Richard Prata
1st Assistant Director: John Bick
Production Manager: Robert Tinnell
2nd Assistant Director: Nancy Mott
1st Assistant Camera: Roxanne di Santo
2nd Assistant Camera: Warren Koga
Production Co-ordinator: Andrew Sands
2012 ,, all rights reserved
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