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A Film by The Institute
Based on an Original Story by: Peter George and
Jon Ayre
Director of Photography: Rolf Kestermann
Art Direction and
Original Costume Design: Byrnadette di Santo
Original Music Composed and
Performed by: Jon McCallum
Associate Producer: Antonyia Verna
Executive Producer: Peter George
Screenplay by: Jon Ayre
Edited by: Craig A. Colton
Produced by: Robert Tinnel
Directed by: Peter George
The Washingtons:
Mama: Gail Neely
Leroy: Robert Harden
The Surf Nazis:
Adolf: Barry Brenner
Eva: Dawn Wildsmith
Mengele: Michael Sonye
Hook: Joel Hile
Brutus: Gene Mitchell
Smeg: Tom Shell
Smeg's Mom: Bobbie Bresee
The Pipeliners:
Aerial: Ty Thomas
Mex: John Willamette
Teeth: Rand Hogan
The Samurai Surfers:
Wang: Daniel Kong
Yin: Steve Reid
Yang: Terry Lee
The Designer Waves:
Curl: Brian Krutoff
Blow: Ted Prior
Dry: Andrew Bick
The Stardust:
Nurse Withers: Dawne Ellison
Matron: Berta Dahl
Anne: Willa Reynolds
Maggie: Eva Goodrich
Esther: Esther Lloyd
The Biker Bar:
Wheels: Thomas Searle
Wheel's Lady: Karan Hanson
Waitress: Cristina Garcia
Dominatrix: Dominique
Leather Lady: Sherry Driezen
Sex Puppy: Ross Allman
Bikers: Maurice E. Brooks III, Daniel R. Flynn,
Cosme T. Mata, Douglas D. Meyer, Don Lee Wieller
The Skate Rats:
Jet: Jason Collier
Lizard Lady: Antonyia Verna
Skate Rats: Scott Baker, Brian Curry, Jason Driezen,
Gary Frye, Miles Guarneri, Ian Meno
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